Why I Do What I Do

Every week, I have conversations with most of my clients. Not all of them want to chat or need in depth support. Many of them like the motivational text or post I make on Facebook. But I have one client, let’s call her Eve, who, from day one, said she needed a lot of support. I said, “sure!” because I want her to know that there are people in her life who want her to be successful.

You see, Eve has been through the ringer: in less than five years she lost every person in her immediate family, she she separated from her husband, moved across the country with a man who ended up abusing her emotionally and physically, and to top it off, her “friends” at work talk down to her about her weight.

Over the next few months, I worked with Eve as she struggled with her program, with staying focused, with getting rid of the negative energy in her life. I was over joyed when she finally pressed charges against the abusive man in her life; when she stood up to the bullies at work; and most of all when she called me up and said “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” and wanted to re-commit to her program. I don’t expect my clients to go straight through their program in warp speed, reach their goal weight and rock on to maintenance. Sure, a lot of them do, but some are just like me and have bigger issues to overcome and need to do their program at their speed. This isn’t a race: it’s a journey to optimal health.

what I want to tell her co-workers

Eve is back on program and struggles every day, but today really pissed me off. Not because she has challenges with focusing on the foods that she doesn’t like rather than the ones she does. That doesn’t bother me. Hey, I’ve got two boxes of Chai Lattes that I’m trying to off load to anyone who will take them! Today, I was pissed off because she told me a 70-year-old co-worker said to another co-worker, “the way I can tell the two Eve’s apart is because one is skinny and the other is fat.” Seriously? That’s just as bad as someone saying “The way I can tell the two Ulga’s apart is one is young and the other is old.” Why do people feel the need to be so blatantly rude and inconsiderate? I don’t want to assume that it is her age because I know some young guns who are equally as snarky. I wish that people could understand the hurt that they cause others with such callous comments.

But of course, I didn’t add fuel to the fire. I was the voice of reason and helped Eve identify the good things that happened to her. There are days when I know that I am the only person who tells her that she is smart, the she is beautiful, and that she is worthy of an amazing life.

Part of me feels sad, but I know that each day, with my help, she is making choices and decisions to feel better about herself, inside and out.


I'm just a girl, who wanted to change her life. Now, I help others identify their goals and live a healthy lifestyle. I would love to be able to help YOU!

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