Interested or Committed?

Are you interested? Or are you committed? (To losing weight that is).

Do you feel totally determined to stick with your efforts, or do you entertain a few nagging thoughts about “having fun” instead of staying on your plan? If you tend to start and stop every time you try to lose weight, you may want to look at the difference between being INTERESTED and being COMMITTED.


If you are just “interested” you tend to stay with your plan only until something better comes along. You depend on seeing results to keep you on target. So long as the scale is moving you stay motivated. But if you hit a snag you throw your program out the window.

Then when you struggle, you blame everyone but yourself. You accuse your friends of ruining your program because they eat potato chips in front of you. You may fall into the “if only” thinking, saying things like “If only I had more time, more money, new job, a supportive spouse…”

COMMITTED means “no matter what!”

When you are truly committed to achieving your goals, you have an entirely different outlook. Unlike being interested, where it won’t take much to distract you from your goals, being COMMITTED means you stick with it NO MATTER WHAT.

Rather than depending upon results to help you stay on track, you work on keeping your motivation strong, knowing that results will follow. You don’t blame circumstances or other people for your struggles.

Look carefully at your current efforts. If you tend to easily fall away from your program, decide if you’re taking the INTERESTED approach, versus being COMMITTED instead!

DO AT LEAST ONE THING TODAY THAT DEMONSTRATES YOU ARE TRULY COMMITTED. For example, take a walk, get in over 64 ounces of water, have an ON PLAN day – no matter WHAT!



I'm just a girl, who wanted to change her life. Now, I help others identify their goals and live a healthy lifestyle. I would love to be able to help YOU!

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