Breaking Down the Habits of Health

As many of you know, I’ve been on a journey to optimal health for a few years now. It’s been quite an experience and my most recent success has been because of a new friend, Dr. Andersen and his Habits of Health. He has been gracious to provide this infographic and I’ll take you through the different parts so you can start living a longer, healthier life!

take_shape_for_life_habits_of_health_dr_a_wayne_scott_andersen_dont_weight_any_Longer_medifast_dr_as_habits_of_healthLow-glycemic and Portion Control

Your major meals of the day should be comprised of the right amounts of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and starches. The right combination of the healthy versions of these nutrients will help your body burn energy, feel satiated, and won’t leave you wanting more.

Eat every 3 hours

“Diets” kick in our survival mechanism, slowing your metabloism. Fueling your body every 3hrs with small, low glycemic meals retrains your metablosm to burn fat.

You wouldn’t plan to drive across the country and not expect to fill up the gas take at regular intervals, right? Well, your body is your life vehicle. When you fuel your body every three hours, you help to regulate your insulin levels, avoiding the inevitable mid-day crash!

64oz of H2O

What you may not realize is that we actually lose nearly twelve cups of water every day: two cups through perspiration, six through urine, two through breathing – and nearly one cup through the souls of our feet!

You learn something new everyday! We know that we need to drink plenty of water…especially if you’re like me and live in a warm, dry climate. While I’m thankful I’m not shoveling snow this time of year, I still find that I need to drink plenty of water all year round. And because I’m trying to lose more weight, my goal is to drink half my body weight in ounces each day. It helps me stay hydrated, replaces the water that I’m apparently losing through my feet that are wrapped in my boots, and it helps me flush out the “gunk” that I am happy to be rid of!

10,000 Year Old Body

10,000 yrs ago, there was no obesity, heart disease, or type 2 DM diabetes. Just getting enough to eat was a struggle. We had to forage most of the day for food. Our bodies were designed to store and conserve fat and calories. Today we are part of the SUPERSIZED Generation and food and calories can be as close as a drive thru or a phone call away.

The only thing constant is change, right? Well, we changed the way we live our lives, but our bodies didn’t change the way we break down nutrients! There is a reason why ancient cave drawings are of stick figure and not round blobs. We got our exercise because we had to move our bodies in order to fuel them. Next time you want to treat yourself to some frozen yogurt, consider walking to the corner store instead of driving there…and consider the reduced sugar option with some fruit instead of gummy bears!

135 pounds of…

Americans now consume an average of 135lbs of sugar each year. That’s an increase of 26lbs per person in just the past 20 years! And to thing that a century ago our average consumption was only 5lbs per year.

Umm…yeah….disregard the fro-yo comment! YIKES! 135lbs of SUGAR?!?!?! That’s frightening….although, dentists are probably kicking up their heels and the boom in business. Sugar is in so many unnecessary places and we don’t even thing about it. Check the labels of the foods in your cupboards and you’d be surprised at how many savory items contain trace amounts of sugar. Combined, they really add up! And just because it’s a “diet” soda doesn’t mean it’s good for you. I challenge you to find three ways each day to reduce your sugar….I’d love to hear your suggestions!

< 24.9 BMI

Body Mass Index is an important measure of disease risk and a helpful way to track your progress as you lose weight. A BMI of >25 is considered overweight [pre-obese].

BMI is just ONE measurement, but it’s an important one. Personally, I focus on my visceral body fat…the not-so-cute way of saying my tummy. When we carry our weight in our abdomen, it leads to increased pressure on our joints, our backs, and even our internal organs. Getting yourself down to a healthy BMI is a great first step in a life to optimal health.

Take a moment to check your BMI and take a FREE health assessment. I’d love to hear your results and offer any assistance I can to help you reach your goals!

In health,

~ Coach Meg


I'm just a girl, who wanted to change her life. Now, I help others identify their goals and live a healthy lifestyle. I would love to be able to help YOU!

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