Weight Loss Success Story: Noreen

I love Noreen’s story about what this program has meant to how she sees herself – here it is in her own words:

take_shape_for_life_medifast_tsfl_weightloss_before_and_after_ noreen
“I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. I remember at age 5 wanting to wear a skirt in ballet because I felt too fat for my leotard. I remember in junior high not fitting in my costume in drama. In high school and college I was everyone’s friend…never a girlfriend. And let’s not even talk about what the three babies left behind. I kept my head up…even having jobs that required me to present in front of large crowds. I always put on a brave face, and because I was a good enough actress, I convinced others and myself that everything was okay. But it wasn’t okay. Looking back, I can see now how my weight affected me…even if I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t feel worthy of good things in my life because I didn’t view myself as a “good thing.” I saw a few friends having great success on a program, so I signed up and my personal health coach has helped me lose 85 pounds so far and I’m still going. I feel like I had a makeover. I’ve had to buy new clothes (so sad haha). I’ve started running (I used to HATE running). But best of all, I feel I made-over my attitude toward myself. I feel that I am worthy of good things in my life. To me, this was the most important part and so I decided to become a health coach and help others find the good in themselves.

Most of you don’t need help because you are HOTTIES! But if my story resonates with you, don’t waste time avoiding YOU! Your health coach would love to help you with this journey because it’s much more than a number on a scale. It’s finding the joy and power in yourself.”


I'm just a girl, who wanted to change her life. Now, I help others identify their goals and live a healthy lifestyle. I would love to be able to help YOU!

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