Celebration Survival

For those of us on Plan, warm weather is double trouble. First, some of us struggle with our appearance when we can no longer hide beneath big sweaters and layers of clothing. Second, we struggle with temptation around every corner.

Cookouts, pool parties, graduations, and all kinds of summertime celebrations dot our calendars in the warmer months. How do we remain social and supportive of others without setting ourselves up for sabotage?

Stick with your routine.
On the day of a party, don’t skip meals in order to save calories. It will make you hungry all day and you’ll be less likely to maintain control. And don’t skimp on exercise, which can help keep your appetite under control (and counteract any excess calories that sneak into your body during the social event).

Eat first.
For some, this strategy is sure-fire. If we’re not hungry, we’re less likely to overeat. But one thing is for certain: if we show up to a party with an empty stomach, the parade of delicious foods will be less resistible.

Don’t show up empty handed.
You’ll be certain to find something to keep you on track if you bring it along: a veggie tray or a lean main course.

Lean on green, but skip the dip.
Regardless of where you are on Plan, straying with vegetables is far from a diet disaster. They’re crunchy, high in fiber, filling, and good for you. Just steer clear of high-fat dips.

Step away from the buffet.
In the past, you were probably one step from the food table, arm’s length from cocktail wieners and chocolate dipped strawberries. Steer your conversations away from the food table.

Focus on friends or family—not food.
At any gathering, you’ll likely find people whose company you enjoy. So instead of hanging out in the kitchen or walking circles around the BBQ, take a walk with a friend, or sit and chat with a family member. Make memories not pounds!

That’s Bring Your Own Bars! Is everyone carrying a plate with a slab of cake on it? Bring along a Medifast S’mores Bar!

Before you reach for the fancy puff-pastry hors d’oeuvres, reach for a big glass of cold water. Water takes the edge off hunger and dampens strong cravings, so fill up! If you simply can’t resist a cocktail,, choose clear liquor and a zero calorie mixer. For example, vodka and club soda with a twist of lime!

Host the most.
Want to be in control? Host a party! You’ll be close to all the things that help you stay true to your goals, and you’ll likely be busy enough to pass up the tempting contributions of friends.

You’re only human. So don’t aim for perfection—which is hard for us under any circumstance. So if you do slip up and find yourself indulging, get right back on plan after the party.


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