How to Take off Without Putting On

The Right Way to Get Away

20140701-123914-45554183.jpgVacation is so close you can smell the suntan lotion. Your bags are packed, your tickets are in hand, and the car awaits.

If you’re like many people, your suitcase has a little bit of room for souvenirs, or you’ve packed an extra bag in it to hold the things you couldn’t resist.

But all too often we bring back something we don’t want: extra pounds. With the festive atmosphere, the nightlife, the exotic-even-if-only-because-you-don’t-have-to-cook-it foods, it’s easy to put your diet on a vacation, too.

Water fills you up.
Sticking to your plan is not easy. Saying it is belittles your efforts and progress thus far! It’s hard to break bad habits, and it’s even harder to put yourself among others who aren’t as regimented. But it’s not impossible, and it can even be enjoyable, when you consider the results.

Plan ahead.
Scope out nearby restaurants to see how well they can accommodate your Lean & Green™ Meal. Call ahead to see if their policy precludes them from serving foods with dressings or sauces on the side, and choose a place that will cater to your needs.

Pack enough meals.
Medifast Meals are designed to be easy; most of them go everywhere and don’t need much in the way of preparation. But you can’t pick them up at the store if you run out, so make sure you pack at least five of them for every day of vacation!

Though alcohol and vacations seem made for each other, the former is a hazard to your plans for a healthier you. Not only will it add hundreds of calories—per drink!—to your daily totals, but it leads to the type of relaxation that weakens your willpower. Spruce up your water with Essential1®: Calorie Burn Flavor Infusers, for delicious, refreshing flavor and a little extra boost.

Don’t skimp on activity. If you walk at home, walk the beach or the town’s main street; take nature hikes, or row a boat. Vacations are the perfect way to maintain or even increase your activity level. Even exercise is exotic when you’re on vacation!

Don’t wait to weigh.
Part of the BeSlim Lifestyle means daily monitoring, and if it will help you stay on track, find a scale—at the hotel, a spa, a gym, wherever. Weigh yourself at the start of your trip, and try to stay that weight (or, ideally, lower) all week.

If you do decide you must have something special on your trip, plan for it. Let it be something you do with deliberate enjoyment rather than a momentary lapse of resolve. Save it toward the end of your trip as a reward for staying on plan. You could even surprise yourself by only needing a bite or two!

Stay on plan, and you can buy that irresistible shirt in a smaller size! And when you return home from your vacation this summer, you—and your bags—could be even lighter than when you left.


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