Mad for Sports

Team sports are not just a great way to get exercise. They’re social events! When you’re on a treadmill, it’s just you and some music or the TV; you’re well aware of the repetitive motion, your breath, and your fatigue. Sure it’s good for you, but face it, for some: it’s booooring!

But when you’re running to second from first base, shooting a basket, or dribbling the ball down a grassy field—all to the cheers of teammates—it feels more like play than work.

What’s your sport? Did you fancy yourself a soccer star as a teen? Do you still yearn for beach volleyball? Chances are good that a community center near you sponsors open adult leagues for all kinds of sports. Check with arenas, ice rinks, parks, the local gym.

If you don’t feel like you have the stamina to go full throttle with a softball league, grab a friend and look for a local bootcamp. Individual trainers are popping up everywhere and usually place ads in community newsletters or on local listservs. Getting in shape with a personal trainer this way costs much less because you’re all sharing the same time. And the people make it fun.

When you’re ready for the next step, hit the batting cages! Suburban sports complexes help you polish your skills for a small hourly fee.

Of course, you don’t have to be skilled to join a team and have fun. You do, however, need the proper gear! Be sure your footwear is appropriate to the sport (cleats for soccer and even softball, cross-training shoes for sports involving side-to-side motion), shin guards, and other gear may be necessary. But you won’t have to spend a fortune. Look for stores that sell used gear for next to nothing.

In fact, you can trade an old pair of cleats in your kid’s size for a pair in your own—free!


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