Someday Isle!

You might have spent your summers here, though it’s no tropical paradise. Maybe you dwell here. You’ve probably driven the route to this lonely spot more times than you can count. And each time you visit, it’s just as sad as the last.

If you’re like most people—and we are more alike than we are different, which is a good thing—you’ve wasted a lot of time on Someday Isle: Someday Isle visit my grandfather in the nursing home. Someday Isle send my friend a card to say how much I miss her. Someday Isle lose twenty pounds. Someday Isle tell my son’s math teacher that I can help her get healthy enough to chase after her new granddaughter.

What about now? What are you doing now that is more important? (Sure, but you can finish Healthy Habits after the phone call!)

For whatever reasons, people often fail to follow through. Sometimes it’s a question of priority: feeding the baby trumps calling Dad. Sometimes it’s a question of avoidance: you’re girlfriend is still mad at you, and you don’t feel like getting into it. Sometimes it’s a question of overextension: you are already overbooked and overwrought and over it!

Whether you’ve thought it over a few times, or it’s a nagging concern, here’s how to get over the humps and follow through.

  1. Write it down. Dr. Andersen says, “Writing your dreams down begins the process of achieving them and is vital to your success.” If it’s something you’re likely to forget (cancel my doctor’s appointment!), take a few moments to jot it down on a to-do list. If it’s a goal, you need to take it from a mere wish to a want and a need. There’s a bonus, too: If you make a habit of list making, crossing things off is a symbolic celebration of every accomplishment, no matter how tiny. (And it keeps you from thinking about it at times when you’re unable to work on it.)
  2. Plan it. You’d like to mention Take Shape For Life to your son’s math teacher, but what if she’s offended, no matter how gently you broach the subject? Research the style of others, but find your own. Talk it out in the shower, on your morning commute. Then you’ll be prepared with a thoughtful reply for nearly every reaction.
  3. Plan for it. If you really want to spend two weeks taking in the mosaics of Barcelona, then start researching flights, hotels, weather, etc. Most important, start a fund! Designate a portion of your paycheck to be put aside each week to help you reach that goal in a reasonable time. When you’re on track, secure time off, tickets, and reservations.

Can’t seem to get motivated to move off Someday Isle? Dr. Andersen suggests you identify your “Why.” Do you want to do something because of guilt or compassion? Is it about concern or greed? Even if your Why is to have fun, it’s helpful to remind yourself why you deserve fun.

Your son’s math teacher needs you today. If you leave right now, you can get off Someday Isle in time.


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