Low Carb Sushi

  • 1.5 cups of riced cauliflower, browned (3 green)
  • 7 oz grilled Tilapia (1 leanest)
  • 2 Sushi Nori sheets (1 g of carb each) (2 condiments)
  • 1/2 t Sriracha sauce (1/2 condiment)
  • 1 t low sodium soy sauce (1/2 condiment)

Medifast: 3 Green, 1 Leanest, 3 condiments
350 calories, 19 g carbs, 4 g fat, 52 g protein.

I grilled my Tilapia on my George Foreman grill & set it aside. 10 oz of frozen Tilapia yields 7 oz cooked.

I took a bag of frozen cauliflower, cooked it in the microwave for about 5 minutes in a little water. Pulsed it a few times in my food processor until the cauliflower had the texture of rice. Added the cauli-rice to a pan & browned it up a little.

Next I laid out my first Sushi Nori sheet. Make sure you get seaweed sheets that are 1g carbs each.

I combined my Tilapia with the cauli-rice, just for ease of assembly. Cover 2/3 of the Nori sheet with half the mixture.

Carefully roll together. Try to keep it as tight as possible without tearing the sheet. This will just require practice. The Nori sheet was a little sturdier then I thought it would be, so I actually packed the mixture that fell out the ends back in for a fairly tight roll.

Next slice the roll with a sharp knife and arrange on a plate. I ended up making 2 rolls, but these were the prettiest pieces.

Garnish with Sriracha and Soy Sauce


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