Satisfying Soups


  • 1 pk Soup (MF soup packet)
  • Water (according to directions)
  • Bouillon (to taste)
  • Meat (extra, if desired)
  • Veggies (extra, if desired, Mushrooms…a little onion, garlic, celery, etc)


Put Water, Soup Packet, Bullion to taste, and maybe a little extra protein (just a little…it never hurt me to add a little extra lean protein during weight loss…but some of you may need to deduct it from your overall protein amount…)

Add just a pinch of Guar Gum. You have to play with this. It can be as thick as gravy….or a rock…if you’re not careful. Experiment with it before you put it in your soup. Add it while the water is cold…mix well…it will start thickening right away. (This is what makes our pudding thick)


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