Core Exercises

Core exercises – important for functionality!

  1. Crunches – start small and add each time
  2. Back extensions – lie face down on floor, hands by ears and lift head
  3. Dumbbell side bends – you can do it with water bottles or heavy books – slide the arm down your side then repeat on other side
  4. Seated twist with medicine ball (again if you don’t have a medicine ball use something else heavy). Sit on floor, feet flat, twist to right and touch object to floor then twist to left and touch object to floor. Keep abs in tight!
  5. Side plank – lying on the floor on your side, lift up to your forearm, then lift your body up sideways and hold for 30 seconds.

These can be done intermittently throughout the week after cardio or on your off cardio days. These are important because your core translates into FUNCTION! Stay strong – no excuses!


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