Gary & Kristi

Here is the story of Gary & Kristi ~ a husband and wife duo who lost a combined total of 200lbs and now help others, just like me! Enjoy!

His first day on the 5 & 1 Plan, Gary picked 225 pounds of pork butt and sliced 320 pieces of pie. The food service director at Central Baptist Church in Knoxville might have nibbled more than a pound of pork and had a couple pieces of pie while he worked, but he and his wife, Kristi, had a compelling “why”: their kids, Katie and Kyle, 4 and 2 years old.

The family was at an amusement park, says Gary, and “we were not allowed to ride…because the buckle wouldn’t buckle.” They knew they had to do something.

Gary had his wife heard about Take Shape For Life and researched it in January of last year. They started the program in February and hit their goals five months later, losing 200 pounds between them*.

The couple’s Health Coach, invited Gary to National Convention in Orlando, “and that sparked everything. It was just as easy to Coach as it was to lose weight.” He started as a Coach in August. “It’s a nice high you’re on, and I kept that momentum going.”

To those thinking of becoming a Health Coach, he recommends keeping in touch with your Health Coach and Bio-Network and doing the calls for support and motivation. He also advises, “Have some compelling whys, and keep them in front of you.”

His own whys now enjoy Splash County three times a month, “in our bathing suits, not ashamed of it, enjoying life.” And his weight loss has given him the energy to do a lot of mission work—rebuilding in Tuscaloosa and cleaning up debris in Joplin, Missouri. “Three hundred fifty-pound Gary wouldn’t have done that.”

Click here to request more information on the program that has helped Gary, Kristi and thousands more get healthy!

The success story represented in this advertisement is a Health Coach for Take Shape For Life®, a Medifast support program.

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