Mike & Heidi

All her life, Heidi seemed to be working to keep her weight down. She’d gained a couple pounds a year and had decided to run it off—in addition to eating right. In a year, she’d lost a whopping three pounds. It was then that she resigned herself to increasing in size for the rest of her life. “I thought: If I’m eating right and running and not losing, I’ll just be a fat grandma!”

Four years ago, at age 43, Heidi ran into a Health Coach who had lost 50 pounds in 15 weeks* with Take Shape For Life, and Heidi was convinced. She lost 25 pounds, and her husband lost 45 in ten weeks*.

“People started coming up to me—they could see it after ten pounds. I looked so great—I could hardly stand how happy I was,” Heidi says.

She decided to pay it forward but wasn’t quite ready. “I dilly dallied for nine months,” she says. In January, she became an ED helping a few friends. But by Convention, she’d already decided this was her big thing. “I just decided to move it. I tucked in my chin and put on my blinders and went to work. Seeing so many people excited really motivated me, and it kept my weight off.”

The mom of four kids—the oldest two in college—Heidi probably only spends about four hours a day on her TSFL business. But for those four hours, she works hard, focuses, and uses her time wisely. And when she’s playing? She’s fully present.

Heidi emphasizes the importance of living the Habits of Health. “Walk the walk. Believe in yourself. Look healthy and vibrant.”

But most important is getting to events, especially Convention. “Absolutely get there!” She has told her own team members that if they come back from Convention, and their business does not grow because of it, she’ll give them back their money. “It’s excitement, yes, but it’s excellent training, and you’ll come away with huge benefits. It you decide it wasn’t worth it, I’ll pay you back.”

She’s never had to make good on that promise. Everyone who has gone has reaped the rewards.


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