I have always been slightly overweight most of my life. As I got older, and after having three kids, I guess you would consider me, definitely overweight. Then, life happened, and the pounds really packed on! For the first time in my life, I was considered ‘obese’ and it was very difficult to face. I tried some diets, and just plain exercising myself to death, all of which did not help me lose weight. I kept gaining. I finally threw my hands up in surrender, to accept that this was my reality, and I was still a happy person, despite my weight.

The problem was, that my back started hurting, I wasn’t able to get around very easily, because I was always out of breath and tired. My husband was very worried about my health, because he could always hear me breathing hard up the stairs, and I would snore very loudly at night. The doctor also kindly mentioned that I would become diabetic type 2 very soon, if I didn’t do something. It was a frightening prognosis, because I didn’t think I could do anything. It seemed like I tried the most realistic options for me.

Then one day, I found my coach who said she could help me lose weight. I called her up and started the program in desperation. But, I truly felt skeptical that it would work. It seemed easy enough, and I liked the fact that I would have my own ‘personal’ (and free!) health coach to help me every step of the way. I felt like I needed a lot of help! Best part seemed, like I got to eat all day, and not be hungry etc. After a few days on program, everything ‘happened’ that she said would happen. I no longer craved the bad foods I used to, I did not feel hungry, and I felt a new sense of well-being and energy I never thought I could have again. I quickly lost 65 lbs (in four months!) And to date, I have lost 80 lbs!! I have kept this up for a year now, and it, honestly, has never been easier to keep the weight off! As a result of weight loss, I stopped snoring, back no longer hurts… on and on!


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