Chubby child, overweight teen, obese adult… My weight has always been an issue, but it never really affected my health until I hit the big 5-0! Then as the years added up so did the health issues; high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal issues, anxiety attacks, insomnia, back pain, foot pain, chronic bronchitis which many times went to full blown pneumonia. As I struggled to manage one flight of stairs to the other half of my house I thought to myself…is this what the “golden years” are going to be like? Here I am a 60 year old, tipping the scale at 284 pounds and all I can see in my future is more pain and less of lifes enjoyment! Then one day last Oct I got an email from my BFF (best friend forever) Brenda. We have known each other for over 37 years and though we live a state away, we have the kind of friendship where we “just know” when we need one another. I believe that is the reason Brenda sent me her picture showing me what she had been “up to”. Oh My Goodness…. she looked wonderful! It was then she told me about this program and here I am 103 pounds lighter- and due to weight loss my health is so much better! My medication for high blood pressure was reduced by my doctor. I now can fly up and down my stairs as if I had wings! Other perks? Oh yes there are: shopping in regular clothing stores; fitting comfortably in airline seats with extra room on the seat belt; my energy level is “over the top” ; AND I FEEL GREAT! My thanks to- my BFF for knowing it was time for me to “take control of my health”; this program ; and the total support of my husband (who loves me no matter what my size) . With all of this wonderful love and support how could I do anything but succeed in my goal. Ronna


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