Sarah lost 75lbs!

Take_shape_for_life_medifast_dont_weight_any_longer_Sarah75Sarah had been overweight for her whole life. At just 23, she was missing out on the things other 23-year-olds do with ease: playing sports with ease, exercising without pain, or simply doing everyday activities without getting tired. And she couldn’t wear cute clothing. While those were major weight-loss motivations, she had a more important one: “I knew if I didn’t get to a fighting weight, health problems would be in my near future.”

And her self-esteem suffered. Sarah believed others saw her “as a lazy couch potato, which was so far from the truth.” Sometimes she wanted to hide beneath her babby clothes and disappear into the background. And to get positive attention, she had to work twice as hard as other people because of the stigma surrounding being fat.

Of course, losing weight is hard. “My whole life has been a diet,” Sarah admits. Calorie counting led to special-occasion binges that erased her hard work. Weight lost with other companies led to fast re-gain. Specialized diets from doctors, low-carb eating plans—no matter what she tried, she was unsuccessful.

She first learned of the Take Shape For Life from her father, a pilot, who’d noticed a fellow pilot had lost 100 pounds on the program*. He passed along his business card, and Sarah held it for about three months before making the commitment to herself. But when she started, it was instant gratification. She saw results in the first week, but she was having trouble believing the success she was having. After about 45 pounds, she realized it was not a dream.

Now, at 75 pounds lost*, it’s impossible not to notice Sarah’s amazing transformation. Someone mistook her for her sister—a huge compliment! And coworkers, fellow students, family, and friends have remarked about how good she looks. “I feel like a billion bucks! My life has completely changed. I’m so confident now and not afraid to let my bubbly personality get everyone wet!” Her body feels better, too—there’s no knee pain to keep her from pushing harder during her cardio, and she sleeps better.

Take Shape For Life… has given me freedom to become on the outside who I’ve always been on the inside. It’s an amazing gift and feeling to be free.”

*Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.

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