Prepare Your Journal

Keeping a daily journal is a great way to go from mindless to mindful as you move toward optimal health. Tracking your daily intake, thoughts, successes, and failures helps you learn what works and where you’re struggling. Whether you choose a fancy journal, a simple spiral notebook, or a blog, make sure you can carry it with you and write in it daily.

Here’s a great way to begin:

  • Page One: Place your “before” picture
  • Page Two: Write down your goal and the secondary choices that support that goal. You can use the detailed description you created in that last lesson
  • First Page of Each Week: Write down a goal for the week, such as “I will eat a small, low-fat meal every three hours” or “I will wear my pedometer and take 5,000 extra steps every day this week.” Give yourself a reward for reaching your weekly goal, such as a fitness magazine, a book, or running shoes – NEVER reward with food!

Each week, enter the following into your journal:

  • The times you eat
  • The foods you eat
  • How much water you drink
  • Any learning experiences
  • Types of exercises you enjoy
  • The amount of weight lost that week
  • How you feel before and after you eat
  • Better choices for next time (if applicable)
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